Having Trouble Logging in?

If you have trouble logging in please try your Wildcat Id# for both your username and password*.

*Please note that this site is a third party site provided by Garment Graphics in association with the Wildcat Club. The most common login issue we have heard is customers attempting to use U of A ticket id’s or passwords. If after you have tried logging in with your wildcat id for both your username and password please use the form below to contact us.

Note: if your Arizona Athletics Account Number is not at least 4 digits long, please add zeros in front of your id to make it 4 digits long.
– If your number was 1 you would enter 0001
– If your number was 36 you would enter 0036
– If your number was 532 you would enter 0532

If you are still having trouble logging in please fill out the form below.

Updating Login

All club members accounts have been setup, on the off chance that your account was not setup correctly. Please fill out the form below and we will have your login corrected within 24 hours.